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Das Prädikat Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe

Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe

The Lechweg has been awarded the quality award "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe" as excellent long-distance trail.


Behind the quality seal is a demanding criteria system that guarantees the wanderer excellent walking pleasure on certified trails. In order to receive such an award, the trails need to include natural or landscape typical paths that do not require artificial fortification and which offer good footing. Moreover, the signage must be clear. Likewise, a "Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe" needs to offer its visitors variety, for example, through changing landscapes, in particular special biotopes and geotopes like impressive forest scenery, coastal landscapes or rock formations. Also natural springs, streams, rivers, lakes and marshes score well. The number of total points finally determines whether a path becomes certified or not. To ensure the sustainability of such projects, the commissioning authority must also keep records of certifications, for example seeing that all conservation issues are met.


A certification system based on the German Hiking Association, the rating “Wanderbares Deutschland”, the European Ramblers Association (ERA) and together with a steering group of about a dozen walking experts from Denmark, the Czech Republic, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany have developed the criteria catalog to which all of the European trails and landscape formations can be applied.

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