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Rambling and Long-Distance Walking

Rambling and long-distance walking represent active hiking sports. Rambling is not the opposite of long-distance walking. Both types of walking differ from hiking uphill, meaning trying to ascend altitudes in order to get to the peak.


The recommended stages for the 125 km-long Lechweg lies between 6 and 8 days for conditioned athletic walkers. Beginners and less experienced walkers can also find a varied offering for day trips and shorter outings. The walking segments span from easy footpaths to demanding mountain trails, on which quite a bit of elevation must be conquered.


The difference between long-distance walking and rambling

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For long-distance walking you put a lot of distance behind you in a given amount of time, and you have everything you need in a backpack. The number of hours spent walking is secondary. You may have your backpack transported to your next goal along the Lechweg with a baggage service.


Walkers do not set a time limits to when they will reach their next point. Rambling can be seen, for example, as "enjoyment hiking". Simply enjoying nature, taking in a beautful place. Taking advantage of the quiet moments relaxing with the view of a wonderful panorama. Other ramblers set specific goals for an entire stretch. However, experiencing nature and the landscape is always foremost – different than in speed hiking against the clock!


The rambler puts great value in having light equipment. Rambling demands only modest conditioning and hiking technique. No alpine experience is required. Clothing, boots, and gear (i.e. backpack or tent) are chosen for their light weight. Ramblers and long-distance walkers look for accomodations for one night only. This way they save on gear, i.e. a tent.


"Quality Walking Trail" Rating

Accomplished walking friends choose to take their tour on rated walking trails. The Lechweg belongs to the distinguished long-distance trails. It received the recognition as "Leading Quality Trail" at its grand opening in June, 2012. The Lechweg offers walking in alpine mountains with somewhat demanding terrain.


Lechweg information and impressions:


Getting started: "Rambling"

Do not set you aims too high as a beginner. Choose one of the many Walking Trail Segments on the Lechweg. Discover the natural beauty of the landscape and use the time for relaxation. There are numerous sporting offers, i.e. rafting on the Lech River or get an adrenaline kick on the Holzgau suspension footbridge 100m above the ground. Information can be gotten at all Tourism Offices along the Lechweg. The contact addresses in Germany and Austria can be found on our Partner-Page.

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