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"Bluatschink" Singer/Songwriter Toni Knittel

Der Songwriter und Komponist des Lechweg-Liedes Toni Knittel alias Bluatschink

By us in the Alps we have many climbing trails and high-mountain hiking routes.  But on these it is not about a strolling ramble, but about athletic challenges, mostly to be overcome by experienced persons. And throughout Europe there are sensational trails on which you can relax while walking through unique landscapes. On the Lechweg however, both are combined: easy rambling and experiencing magnificent mountain scenery in one. You walk through three provinces in two different countries. I think that is great. The Lech River is the symbol for these borders - then it knows no borders. It has been the link between these two regions for centuries. Through the Lechweg now, these have grown closer together. The Lech River has been my life-long companion. It provides me with my very first childhood memories and also delivers many ideas for my artistic career. In my recent past, it has been a source of great strength to me. In my witty yet critical songs sung in the Lech Valley dialect, I have tried, with the use of the »Bluatschink« (a kind of imaginary water creature), to raise awareness and get peoples' attention about the impeding threat of plans to build a power plant in one of the last natural river systems of the Alps.



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